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With over 45 years of proud service as a trustee for National Service Scheme funds, the Apex Foundation is a home for those looking to make a real difference in peoples’ lives.

Our legacy is one of hard work, born of a deep empathy for those in need. Find out how you can help and become a part of our legacy today.


The APEX Foundation has one key goal: to improve the lives of disadvantaged Australians everywhere.


It all started


back in 1976.

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Respite accommodation

and funds for those

in need.

Our donations and facilities help people from all walks of life every day — the underprivileged, those suffering from sickness or living in poverty, the people needing disability assistance, or those who just need a little bit of extra care.

Children’s Cancer

Did you know that three children are killed by cancer every week in Australia — more than any other disease in the nation?


As the third most common form of cancer amongst Australian adults, and with the highest incidence of diagnoses in the world, it is our nation’s biggest killer.


Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia — even faster than heart disease and cancer.


Around 1 in 34 children are born with a craniofacial deformity in Australia each year, with many requiring complex corrective surgery.


We are proud to be a champion of high quality research into autism in Australia, and to provide support for young people on the spectrum and their carers.

Fine Arts

The Apex Foundation sponsors young Australians who are participating in the Hans Gabor Belvedere International Singing Competition.

Mental Health

Australia is facing a paediatric mental health emergency, particularly when it comes to issues of negative body image amongst children and teenagers.

Local Apex Projects

Grand projects and gestures are fantastic, but real change often comes from the ground up when you help those who fall through the cracks.

Civilian Widows

The 1950s saw the rise of a new movement in Western Australia to champion the status, welfare, and living conditions of underprivileged women and disadvantaged youth.


Rest. Play.



The Apex Foundation manages funds for three amazing facilities that provide respite accommodation for the families of sick and underprivileged children. The Chalet, The SHACK, and the Copper Coast Retreats are all available for holiday bookings, so that families doing it tough have a chance to relax and make wonderful memories.

The Chalet

Our Chalet is a magical 24-bed retreat intended for rest and play, just a stone’s throw away from Mt Kosciuszko. We welcome underprivileged, disadvantaged, chronically ill, and disabled children, together with their families and carers.


Nestled snugly into the heart of beautiful Shoalhaven Heads on the NSW south coast, you’ll find what we lovingly refer to as The SHACK, a gorgeous complex of holiday units for chronically ill or underprivileged kids and their carers.

Copper Coast Retreats

A cancer diagnosis has a huge effect on not just the patient, but their families and loved ones. If your family is dealing with the stress that comes with cancer, you can find yourself a little bit of paradise in our stunning Copper Coast Retreats.

Situated in the Wallaroo North Beach Tourist Park in South Australia, just a two hour drive from Adelaide, these three fully furnished units are available for a seven-day stay — free of charge.


Our grants

are made for those in need.

The Apex Foundation provides grants and other funding for people who find themselves in difficult financial or medical circumstances.


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